The easiest way to monitor your printers.

Keeping tabs on your printer fleet can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. With Print Tracker, you can collect meters, gather supply levels and receive alerts. You can get started with Print Tracker for free in less than five minutes.

How does Print Tracker work?

Print Tracker gathers the device description, IP address, serial number, device location, page count, toner levels, and service alerts of all printing devices.

Install an agent.
After you have created an account, you'll install your first data collection agent (DCA) in the same network as your printers.
Scan for devices.
Once installed, your agent will automatically discover and upload data from your printers.
Configure your fleet.
Now that you’ve found your devices you can start setting up your alerts, customize and schedule reports, and integrate with your ERP system.
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Features you expect

Print Tracker is a secure, cloud-based platform that gives you all the features you need to have complete visibility to your printer fleet.

Device management.
Manage device settings, collect meters and supply levels, and view device status from anywhere in the world.
Real-time DCA.
Securely interact with your data collection agent in real-time. Change settings, upload meters, scan for devices, and more without waiting around.
Receive notifications for events like low supplies, supply replacements, premature supply replacements, and more.
Local USB devices.
Collect page counts from USB-connected devices .
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Features you should expect

Not every solution has everything that Print Tracker offers. We've worked hard to add features that make your life easier.

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Remote Technician
Reduce expensive service calls by remotely accessing a device's web page to change settings, upgrade firmware, or review error codes. No special network or port forwarding is required.
Custom reports
Build, customize, and schedule reports using the hundreds of data points collected from your devices. Gain better insights into your fleet by understanding your data.
Supplies insights
Save money by efficiently managing supplies. Reduce the amount of supply you’re leaving on the table by understanding your fill rates, lost pages, and more.

Integration options

Take full advantage of the data Print Tracker collects for you and now it is long enough to wrap

Third-party ERPs
Connect to ERPs like e-automate, Miracle Service, and TigerPaw to automate billing.
Supply auto-fulfilment
Integrate with Supplies Network to automatically order supplies when they are needed.
Scheduled email reports
Easily build, customize, and schedule reports to integrate with services that can process email attachments.
For ultimate flexibility, build your own integrations with any language using our REST API.

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$795.00 lifetime support and upgrades +

$50 /month

  • No contract
  • Up to 100 devices
  • Every supported meter and supply
  • Remote Technician
  • Custom reports and alerts
  • Supplies insights
  • Predictive analytics


$795.00 lifetime support and upgrades +

101-500 devices


per device

501-1000 devices


per device

1001-2500 devices


per device

2500+ devices

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  • No contract
  • Every supported meter and supply
  • Remote Technician
  • Custom reports and alerts
  • Supplies insights
  • Predictive analytics

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