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How does Print Tracker work?

Print Tracker Pro gathers the device description, IP address, serial number, device location, page count, toner levels, and service alerts of all SNMP-responsive devices (view full list of devices and models). Print Tracker Pro gathers this data, encrypts it using the HTTPS protocol, and saves it in a secure database.

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Step 1

Sign up for an account and get access to Print Tracker Pro software.

Step 2

Download the Data Collection Agent (DCA) and follow the instructions to deploy.

Step 3

Watch the DCA search your network for printers and copiers. Or go get a refreshing beverage.

Step 4

Explore Print Tracker Pro to see information on all devices, edit notification preferences, and more.

Sticker shock ... that's not so shocking

What does Print Tracker cost?

Pay a set up fee and a device fee. No contracts.

Automatically collect meters, toner levels and alerts.


one-time fee for lifetime license, support, upgrades, and unlimited DCA installations



per month for
1-100 devices


per month per device for
101-500 devices


per month per device for
501-1,000 devices


per month per device for
1,000-2,500 devices

Automatically upload meters to your third-party ERP.

Print Tracker Track™
per month per 50GB of data transfer

With Print Tracker, you get ...


No monthly contracts

We believe we should earn your business every day. We think if you don’t want to work with us, we failed to do our job. When you choose Print Tracker, you are never required to sign a contract. You should use us because you want to, not because we locked you into a contract.


Free technical support

That’s right, we don’t charge to help you learn how to use our software. We think that if we didn’t make our software easy enough for you to figure out, the least we can do is answer your questions for free. Ask The Other Guys how much they charge to answer your questions.


Transparent pricing

You need to be a forensic auditor to figure out how much your bill from The Other Guys is actually going to be. We’ve followed suit by cleverly hiding our pricing on the homepage of our website. If you know how many devices you want to track, you know how much you are going to pay.


Painless deployment

With a single click on a link that can be shared or emailed, a full installation of the Data Collection Agent (DCA) can be installed and deployed anywhere in the world by anyone in the world in only a matter of minutes. Seriously … this does not require a degree in rocket science.


New technology

The .NET framework is great for a lot of things…just not for printer data collection. When you have 10,000 installations of your DCA deployed from here to Timbuktu and the .NET framework is updated, causing conflicts with every installation, we think you’ll agree. Enough said…


An independent company

We’ve heard from a lot of people that The Other Guys think they control the market. This doesn’t bode well if you’re set to renew your contract anytime soon. Don’t renew your contract with them. We aren’t owned by the “big guys.” Give us a call and see for yourself what makes us better.

Favorite Features

Print Tracker Pro is loaded with features

Take a look at what our customers love about Print Tracker Pro!

Remote Technician™

Save your technician a trip to the customer’s site by securely and remotely accessing any connected device’s embedded web page as if you were on site. Click here to read a Security White Paper on Remote Technician™.

Real-time DCA

Securely interact with your data collection agent (DCA) in real-time. Requests for meter reads and changing settings are completed immediately. No more waiting for hours.

Custom integrations

Automatically connect the data from our DCA with most major ERP platforms.


Get full access to the raw data you collect using our REST API.


Take us for a test drive.

Flip through a sequence of screenshots to see Print Tracker Pro in action!


Users love Print Tracker

We think Print Tracker is pretty great, but you don't have to take our word for it!

Competitive pricing structure

The decision to move forward with Print Tracker Pro was an easy one once we saw how simple the installation process was on the software. The pricing structure was very competitive and the support is fantastic!

Venetta D, MPS & Account Manager Millennium Business Systems

Made quite an impression

What others were saying about Print Tracker Pro made quite an impression. Their support was timely and readily available. Print Tracker Pro accomplished in about 45 minutes what our previous tools were never able to do in more than two years of trying.

Nathan B, IT Manager Koch Brothers

Very accomodating

It does exactly what we want. Every time we've needed help or customization they've always been very accommodating and I've been pleased with the results.

David S, President/CEO Scott Technology Group

Super responsive

The Print Tracker Pro staff has been very helpful in assisting with our Managed Print Program. All of the Print Tracker Pro team have been super responsive and quick with great suggestions and solutions.

Stacey W Networking Technologies

Responsive, timely, friendly

The support team is the most responsive I have ever worked with. They have looked at every issue in a timely manner. They ALWAYS respond in a friendly and professional manner.

Bill C, TPM Project Manager RS Office Solutions
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