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Print Tracker Cube

Small and powerful data collection agents that are easy to install, are customizable, and put an end to relying on your customer's hardware for mission-critical data collection.

Orders ship in 1-2 business days. Free shipping on orders within the United States. Contact for orders outside the United States.

Reliability, security, and simplicity.

The days of offline data collection agents are over.

Installation of data collection agents on customer hardware can be challenging. You shouldn't have to worry about your business, and where your customer is taking their laptop on vacation. We created the Cube to bring reliability to your data collection.

Cubes communicate with our servers using formally verified, state-of-the-art cryptographic standards, and strategic security measures have been implemented to reduce potential attack vectors.
Reliability doesn't have to be expensive. Cubes are available to purchase for $130 with bulk discounts available on request.
Cubes are virtually indestructible. Power outage? No problem. Relocation from one office to another? No problem. Dropped from the top of the Empire State Building? Well, we haven't tested that, but the full body metal case will keep the Cube safe from just about everything else.
Easy to use
Using our Cube Provisioner, you can discover and configure one or many cubes in just a few minutes without any technical expertise required.

Designed for everyone

You don't need to be an expert to manage Cubes

With our proprietary Cube Provisioner, you can discover and configure as many Cubes as you want in just a few minutes.

Easy to use.
No need for extra hardware, cables, or SD cards. Just plug in the Cube and wait for it to be discovered.
Discovery services are automatically disabled after provisioning, eliminating a possible attack vector.
Do you need to customize the Cube over SSH? No problem, specify your own SSH password during provisioning. The Cube will accept SSH connections temporarily before being automatically disabled.

Interested in learning more?

Do you have questions about security, how provisioning works, or how to reset a Cube? Our documentation and getting started wizard will help you operate a Cube step-by-step.