Remote Technician™

We released the first remote access tool for printers back in 2020 and called it Remote Technician. It allows you to remotely access your device's web page from anywhere on the planet allowing you to change settings, update firmware, access the device's physical console, and more.

  • Secure. Remote Technician leverages industry standard protocols and encryption methods and does not require any port-forwarding or other special firewall configurations to work.
  • Simple. With the click of a button you can remotely access your device's web page from your own browser and from anywhere in the world.
  • Efficient. Sending someone to physically check a machine costs time and money. Remote Technician can eliminate many of these on-site visits.

Remote Technician Whitepaper

Functionality available through Remote Technician varies by model, based on what functionality the manufacturer has made available through the device's web page.

Custom Reports

Every organization has different needs when it comes to reporting. We collect every data point your device supports and you can customize your reports with exactly what you need. Do you bill your customers based on linear-feet color meters and equivalent mono meters? No problem!

  • Flexible. Create reports with over 375 optional columns and 9 different report types for ultimate flexibility.
  • Powerful. Leverage the power of SQL to build and customize your reports. Combine columns, perform mathematical operations, use window functions, and more.
  • Schedulable. Schedule your reports to be generated and emailed to you or your customers.

Learn more about creating custom reports

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Supply Insights

Understanding how your customers use their supplies is critical to staying profitable. Print Tracker implements several algorithms to help you understand your customers' supply usage and take proactive action.

  • Lost pages. Promote efficient supply consumption by understanding how many pages are being lost when supplies are replaced too early.
  • Fill rate. Understand how much supply is being put on the page. More supply on the page means a higher cost per page for you.
  • Estimated depletion date. Based on historical printing patterns, we'll predict when a supply needs to be replaced allowing you to stay ahead of your customer's needs.

Learn more about supply insights

Locally Connected Devices

Sometimes devices aren't on the network. Print Tracker can collect limited data from USB-connected devices, or using patent-pending technology, it can collect the full suite of data from USB+ devices.

  • USB connection. Collect limited data from non-networked devices using a USB cable.
  • USB+ connection. Using Print Tracker's patent pending USB-to-ethernet adapter technology, you can collect meters, supplies, and alerts, and use Remote Technician as if it was a networked device.
  • Secure. Get the best of both worlds: all the security and privacy of a locally connected device, with the rich data and interactivity of a networked device.

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There's a lot more where that came from...

We've just scratched the surface. Print Tracker is packed with industry-leading features including simple quality-of-life features that make things easier.


Has a .NET upgrade ever brought down your entire environment? Fear not! Print Tracker does not use the .NET framework.

Works out-of-the-box

Most networks are compatible with Print Tracker out-of-the box. We do not require any special port forwarding configurations in order to take advantage of all the functionality we have to offer.

Cross-platform support

The Print Tracker data collection agent is supported on Windows, macOS and several Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, and Raspbian.


We’re constantly improving Print Tracker, but that isn’t something that you should have to worry about. All our agents automatically upgrade themselves.


Do you want to install multiple agents on the same network? Not a problem! Print Tracker will automatically cluster multiple agents so they work together to collect data from the same devices without you having to configure a thing!

Network topology scanning

Struggling to find your devices? Try using the network topology scanner to find all the devices on your network and identify whether they respond to ping, SNMP, HTTP, etc.

Collection status grid

Did your customer shut down a printer without letting you know? Each agent maintains a comprehensive status grid of all the devices it’s tracking and any failures in the data collection process.

SNMPv1, 2 and 3

Print Tracker can talk to any device that supports SNMP and is compatible with all SNMP versions. Is your customer security-conscious and using SNMP v3? No problem!

Filter and search for anything

Easily search for anything, by anything. For example, find a device by ip address, a supply by color, or an alert by serial number. Stop worrying about complicated filters.

Customizable fields

Easily identify and correlate your devices across multiple systems using your own asset IDs, locations, serial numbers, and more.

Volume charts

Easily visualize the volume of your devices over time faceted by type (prints, copies, faxes, scans) and color.

Supply burn-down charts

Easily visualize years worth of supply consumption across all your supplies at a glance.

Alert management

Change the resolution status of supply alerts and take notes on your alerts. Statuses and notes are shared across your team.


Arrange your customers in a hierarchy that makes sense for your business. Your hierarchy can be as simple or as complex as it needs to be, there are no limits.

Role-based access control (RBAC)

Give your employees and your customers access to Print Tracker. Control what your users are allowed to do using our role-based access control system.

Flexible payment options

We offer flexible payment options to suit your business needs including pay-by check, credit-card and auto-pay so you don't need to worry about missing a payment.